MPower (Beta)


MPower is the result of a research project at NECST Laboratory, Politecnico di Milano. This page shows all the publicaitions we have produced and the envisioned future directions.

The Open-MPower Project

Sharing Three Years of Recording on Mobile Devices Activity with the Research Community

We released to the research community the access to an anonymized version of the database. Visit to have an insight.

Future directions

Even if the MPower application has been released, the project is still far from its end. We are evisioning to port the data sensing library we have developed at application level to the JNI level and then to the kernel level. Moreover, we are research on how to make a mobile device autonomous in its power managament using the power models generated by our system.

Are you interested in a thesis?

Are you a student at Politecnico di Milano? Are you interested in working with mobile devices and smart power managment? We have thesis for Bachelor, Master and PhD student. Contact us at

You will make your thesis in a very exiciting and friendly laboratory. See the NECSTLab web site to get more information!


This is the list of the papers we have published about the MPower project.

International Journals

Adaptive and Flexible Smartphone Power Modeling

A. A. Nacci, F. Trovo', F. Maggi, M. Ferroni, A. Cazzola, D. Sciuto, M. D. Santambrogio;
Mobile Networks and Applications (Spinger) - Accepted to appear

International Conferences

MPower: gain back your Android battery life!

M. Ferroni, A. Cazzola, D. Matteo, F. Trovo', A. A. Nacci, D. Sciuto, M. D. Santambrogio;
nternational Joint Conference on Pervasive and Ubiquitous Computing (UbiComp 2013) - In proceedings

MPower: towards an adaptive power management system for mobile devices

A. Bonetto, M. Ferroni, D. Matteo, A. A. Nacci, M. Mazzucchelli, D. Sciuto and M. D. Santambrogio;
The 10th IEEE/IFIP International Conference on Embedded and Ubiquitous Computing (EUC), 2012 - In proceedings

International Competitions

Morphone: smart technology, easy life

A. Bonetto, M. Ferroni, D. Matteo,M. Mazzucchelli, A. A. Nacci, J. Panerati, M.D. Santambrogio;
Univerisity Booth at Design Automation Conference 2012

A Context-Aware Android-Based Mobile Operating System: morphone.OS

A. Bonetto, M. Maggio, A. A. Nacci, D. Sciuto, M.D. Santambrogio;