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On 01/12/2014 MPower changed his privacy policy. Read the new version here.

MPower is still a Beta version. If you experience any bug on your mobile device, please click here.

Gain back your Android battery life! You Android, when you need.

Just download and install MPower. Wait a couple of days to make it learn about your phone. Than, forgot the unexpected and unwanted switch off.

Set your desired battery life. Unbelievable.

What do you need? 3G networking and GPS for three hours, just to come back home? Just say it. Nothing else.

Smart suggestions! No unused devices anymore.

Enable suggestions to have warning whenever you forget a device. If you're not browsing, why 3G is turned on?

It's easy to use! Just few initial steps.

MPower is the results of a research project at:

Download the App!

The MPower App is available for free on the Google Play Store.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Question

If you any dubts about MPower, you can visit the About page, section FAQ.


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